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    I have an android phone, and no matter where I am or what I'm doing... Even as I type now... I get a pop up every 5 seconds that wants me to "update flash player". I have uninstalled the app, installed McAfee, and tried many other things. Nothing works and this has rendered my phone non usable. I have a Droid Turbo, maybe 3 yrs old, running Android 6.0.1 I think
    Attached Thumbnails Update flash player pop up will not go away from my home screen-screenshot_20171103-201719.jpg   Update flash player pop up will not go away from my home screen-screenshot_20171104-090834.jpg  
    11-03-2017 08:25 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone do you have? Did you have some kind of app that supposedly brings Adobe Flash capability to the phone? Does the popup ask you to click a link to update?

    Show us a screenshot of that message: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...d-central.html
    11-03-2017 09:40 PM
  3. Mrpoopybuttho's Avatar
    Still having the same problem. I have added a screenshot. I have a Motorola Droid turbo 2 or junior or something. The screen that keeps popping up is just a white screen that asks if I want to update flash player app, then lists the things it'll get access to (draw over other apps, read my contacts, directly call phone numbers, read my txts...). When I hit cancel, it goes away and comes back in 5 seconds. If I hit install, it attempts to, but McAfee or whatever won't let it install, tells me it's a fake app, and that I can't install it. Then it pops back up every 5 seconds. It has taken me nearly an hour to type this... Thank you in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Update flash player pop up will not go away from my home screen-screenshot_20171103-201719.jpg   Update flash player pop up will not go away from my home screen-screenshot_20171104-090834.jpg  
    11-04-2017 08:52 AM
  4. Mrpoopybuttho's Avatar
    It's actually mrpoopybuttho. I can't figure out any other way to post again on this topic. Anyway, it's android version 6.0.1, and it is a Droid Turbo. Phone maybe 3 yrs old. Anyway, this problem will not go away. I have McAfee installed, and I scan regularly. Tells me no threats found. Also have the verizon security app that came on the phone.
    11-04-2017 09:02 AM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Merged duplicate threads. To respond within this thread, make sure you're logged in to the forums.

    That app is pretty clearly malware. The app itself seems to be called "Update Flash Player," which doesn't make any sense. The permissions it's asking for have nothing to do with Flash Player, and are probably intended to send calls or messages to some site that will automatically start billing you extra on your phone bill. Hopefully McAfee was successful in blocking the installation when you actually tapped Install.

    There's probably some kind of adware or malware installed on the phone that's trying to get you to install this malicious app. Boot the phone into Safe Mode, and then start uninstalling apps. Get rid of anything that isn't from a well-established company. Reboot, and see if the problem comes back. If it does, you may just have to do a factory reset, and when you set the phone back up, don't restore it from a previous backup -- start from scratch, and don't let any apps install automatically from the Play Store.

    You can find out your exact model name/number in Settings>About Phone.
    11-04-2017 06:32 PM
  6. Mrpoopybuttho's Avatar
    We'll, the pop up stopped while in safe mode. And I had already gotten rid of any sketchy apps beforehand. The only apps left on my phone are apps that have been there forever, like Minecraft, Mario Run, Injustice 2, Netflix, and other reputable apps. So I disabled many of the bloatware apps that they crammed onto the phone... The ones I'm not allowed to uninstall... And it's still happening. The only difference is , now instead of the previous screens I showed you, I get a different one saying the install is blocked because I set my phone to block apps obtained from unknown sources. My only two options are to go into my settings and turn off that option, allowing the app to install, or hit cancel, and have the same thing happen again in 5 seconds. Hard reboot maybe?
    11-04-2017 07:00 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    To be safe, I'd back up your important data, then do a factory reset. Then, as I mentioned previously, set up the phone like a brand new phone, and manually reinstall those reputable apps from the Play Store (but don't let apps reinstall automatically).
    11-04-2017 07:08 PM

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