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    The newest update (I'm not sure which, but im writing this as of november 13th 2017 and the update came out about a week ago) is god awful. They changed the entire system. All of the apps have an obloxious white bubble around them if they weren't taking the whole space and corners of others are rounded off. Things are lagging ridiculously and (although it was occasionally annoying) autocorrect won't work. No automatically added apostrophies and it doesn't suggest/correct words. Settings are blindingly white and even less user friendly than they used to be. Split screen is just complete trash and the power off mechanic (like two black boxes snapping closed together) is unneeded and annoying. There's some things I've yet to look at because I'm not ready to face this horrid system update. Is there any way to go back?
    11-13-2017 12:31 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    For the average user, there is no easy way to go back to an older version of android.
    11-13-2017 04:47 PM

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