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    I lost my sd card (memory card) of my samsung A5 mobile. I was worried if someone can access my whatsapp media/backup on it. I wanted to know if:

    1. Whatsapp media/chats are automatically backed up on external sd card. The whatsapp databases and media folders are visible on internal storage but I have no clue if there is similar folders on the sd card. How can I check if the local backup setting is on internal storage or external sd on the phone?

    2. Even if there was a backup created on SD card, is it easy to open and access the whatsapp videos and chat by a stranger?
    03-17-2018 12:00 PM
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    1. Not automatically. Look in your computer, when the phone is connected, on the phone's SD card, for WhatsApp data.

    2. "Easy" depends on who's doing it. Over the 45 years I've been developing software, I've had to decode data formats that made me question the sanity of the person who developed them, but unless they were encrypted, I've done it. (You can't decrypt encrypted data without the decryption key.) Even BTrieve, which seemed to scatter data all over itself. If someone is determined enough, experienced enough, and the data isn't encrypted, it can be accessed. But is your data really worth all that effort? (We're talking about a week, or weeks, of 8 hour days devoted to accessing it.) Sometimes the fact that you're not that important is a good way of keeping your data from being accessed. If it were President Trump's data, you can be sure a team of programmers would be working on accessing it.
    03-17-2018 01:41 PM

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