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    Hi there. I've been trying to solve this issue for awhile and so am turning to the Forum to try to "crowdsource" a solution!

    I got a "reconditioned" Galaxy6S from a used cell phone shop in Vancouver, BC. They made sure to say, "you're buying it as-is" but it came with a warranty for repairs and software issues. After a few days I realized I was not able to send OR receive picture texts (SMS/MMS). I can get text messages no problem, and emojis/icons show up as well. But pictures and video simply don't go through. Incoming pictures say "No subject" but never download or finish loading. It goes to an error message every time. For outbound pictures, the progress circle spins and spins until it finally times out and then gives a "failed to send" error message.

    When I brought it back to the store they were like, "Nothing we can do" because the app is functioning so they blamed the network. @ss hats! Then I brought it to Virgin Mobile, my carrier, and they looked at all the settings, permissions, APN, etc. and everything was set to the correct numbers/pathways. So they were like "Nothing else we can do, it's gotta be your phone." Arrrg!

    I think the issue might be that the phone is originally from the USA, specifically it's a "Sprint Galaxy 6S" and Spint apps and icons are all over the phone, even though I've disabled or deleted as many of them as I could.

    I just tried using a third-party messaging app called Textra but it's encountering the same issue / generating same errors so it's got to be a setting/connectivity issue however the folks at retails shops have been unable to fix or help so I hope someone has some insight/suggestions. Thanks in advance!
    06-04-2018 09:53 PM
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    Mms is carrier controlled. Call them on the phone.
    06-05-2018 04:54 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Just to be sure -- are these your APN settings? Virgin Mobile Canada APN Settings - Configuration guide
    06-05-2018 05:00 PM

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