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    When i receive email in the default email app on my phone (Email the email just shows the persons name in the "from" field.

    I can't see if it came from their work email or their gmail, or someone else entirely that is impersonating them.

    it shows this way even for people who have never emailed me before and aren't in my contacts.

    I can't find a setting to change it so it shows ether:
    their name and email e.g User Name <username@gmail.com>
    or Just email address e.g username@gmail.com

    This seems like a massive security flaw and i'm sure its come up before, but all my googling sends me to help setting up email or how to change it in the gmail app.

    I'm using the gmail app for me personal emails and the android app for my work emails, and I want to keep them separate. I am using an Honor Phone running Emui 8, just for reference, don't think its an emui related issue tho.
    01-29-2019 02:15 AM

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