1. rkdavs24's Avatar
    Recently my July '14 purchased VZW LG G3 started giving me an error message saying "Slow charge, please use original cable and charger". This message was coming up while I was using the cable and charger that came with the phone. It started off being just message but within a week turned into a slower charge and eventually to no charge. I also used a Verizon store purchased Universal charger. I received that message once (first time I used it after the issue occurred) but never again since. First it seemed the charge was fine but then I noticed that too also became slow.

    I spoke with LG and they had me send out my original cable and charger to inspect. Haven't heard anything back on that yet.

    I recently decided to replace the phone and the refurbished one from VZW came in a few days ago. The first time I powered on and plugged it into the Universal it gave me the slow charge error but has not again since. I have yet to plug it into another LG branded charger/cable. Both those walls chargers were 1.8A or above so they should sustain a proper charge.

    I have had the original battery with the phone since I purchased back in July.

    Just an FYI: I took it out and the battery is not bent (did the table spin test). There are no marks on the white stripe and it has not had any water damage. Also since owning the phone I have not noticed any signs of overheating (nor received the message). The hottest it ever got was when using GMaps for a few consecutive hours, however I did not believe it to be at a danger to overheat.

    My question would be since this issue is happening with multiple chargers and now on multiple phones is it likely this a battery issue?
    01-06-2015 12:35 PM
  2. rkdavs24's Avatar
    No current spikes. I just redid all the outlets and tested power throughout the house not too long ago everything is normal. I've received this issue in a different home as well using the LG charger.
    01-06-2015 01:11 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Do you regularly discharge the battery to the point that the phone tells you to recharge it? If that point is set a little low, 6 months is a good battery life. (It won't bulge, it'll just be near end of life.) The sweet spot for charging (for longest battery life) is 50%. Letting it go down to 40% won't affect it much. 30% will.

    If you need more battery time than charging at 40% gives you, buy a spare battery (they're cheap), keep it charged, and swap batteries when the one in the phone gets down near 40%.
    01-06-2015 01:37 PM

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