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    The Humble 5.0 RC2 release is 75% de pooped. I wanted to get this out so you guys don't have to put up with too much ****. I am continuously working to theme this rom. I know you will enjoy the progress already... Enjoy!!!

    Official Humble Themes


    Thanks to IMoyesON for the 4.0 EP4P kernel
    Thanks to Imnuts for the recovery
    Thanks to P3droid for the EP4P Leak
    Thanks to nitroglycerine33 for framework help
    Thanks to Mendozinas for the boot animations
    Thanks to ForeverSupra for the CRT animation
    Thanks to Ponack for providing the server space!!!

    Known issues:

    If you have trouble with the browser just wipe cache and reflash the humble cwr package and you will be fixed. No need to wipe data.

    If the market gives you a "This app is not compatible with your device" error download Jrummy16's market fixer app and follow the direction once inside the app.


    To remove RFS file system scanning and speed up your phone.... try Nitrality in the market!!!!

    Humble 5.0 RC2 11-9-2011

    -Switched to EP4P base
    -Added CRT animation (Thanks to ForeverSupra)
    -Added AOSP lockscreen
    -Moderate theme work
    -Added boot up animation binary
    -More themeing to come

    Humble 4.5 11-4-2011

    -Added CRT screen off (Thank to imnuts)
    -Remove init.d as new Kernel has that built in
    -Updated superuser
    -Updated Market
    -Updated boot animation
    -Updated shutdown animation
    -AOSP theme work done
    -Themed status bar
    -Themed drop down menu
    -Themed lockscreen slider
    -Removed carrier logo from lock screen

    Humble 4.22 10-9-2011

    -Added aosp lockscreen
    -Added init.d support
    -Added loopy smooth
    -Added ICS boot animation
    -Updated superuser
    -A little theme work

    Humble 4.2 10-7-2011

    -Preliminary themeing to de ****
    -Custom status bar icons
    -Boot animation
    -Shutdown animation
    -Updated superuser to 3.01
    -Updated busybox
    -Added Gingerbread Keyboard
    -Added spare parts
    -Added voodoo control app (free) for Ext4 support

    CWR Install Instructions

    -You must already be on EP4P to flash this
    -You must have imoseyon 4.0 kernel installed or it won't boot
    -You must wipe data/cache if coming from another EP4P rom
    -You cannot go from ep3h to ep4p with this cwr Pkg without flashing imoseyon 4.0
    -You must ensure that system is mounted before you flash this cwr Pkg. In cwr go to mounts and storage/ make sure system is mounted

    Odin Install Instructions


    *recommended to disable voodoo lagfix first
    *back up your data
    *Clear cache partition in CWR
    *Clear dalvik cache in CWR
    *unzip ODIN package


    *Recommended to remove sim before flashing
    *Leave battery installed during installation (For safety during radio flash)
    *Flash Humble 5.0 Rc2 ODIN with ODIN v1.82
    *This will get you to EP4P 2.3.6 Gingerbread Humble from any setup


    *Reboot after first full boot
    *Use spare parts to speed up transition windows
    *Do not use spare parts to speed up window animations because you will lose crt animation
    *Enable Voodoo lagfix using provided voodoo lagfix control app
    *If you get a force close or something isn't working right, factory reset/wipe cache and that should fix the issue
    *If something is acting incorrectly or not syncing, simply go to settings>applications>manage applications> go to problematic app and clear data and cach for that app and reboot... this should fix any weird issues if any.

    Humble 5.0 RC2 ODIN

    http://www.ponack.net/danalo/humble50rc2.tar.zip (UNZIP FIRST, THEN FLASH IN ODIN)

    Humble 5.0 RC2 CWR


    Follow me on twitter @danalo1979

    I don't expect anyone to donate as I do this for fun, but if you feel the need to buy me a round of beers here is my donate link:
    Droid Charge, Humble Rom By: Danalo1979
    Twitter: @Danalo1979
    12-22-2011 10:44 PM
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    Looking for any updates or new themes for Humble 5.0. Have there been any?
    03-17-2012 03:21 PM
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    I've decided to give this a try and had a slight issue it seems. I wiped cache/dalvik then flashed from Odin. restarted ok but then prompted for OTA update. I went ahead and clicked ok for the update and on restart got the screen with the android guy and a caution triangle. I'm reflashing now and plan on not accepting the update, but is this how it's supposed to happen?
    04-15-2012 01:37 PM
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    First, This ROM is pretty much dead as far as I know, so you are starting out with outdated tech.

    Second, if you are rooted/have a Custom ROM, you can NEVER take a OTA as it will seriously mess things up
    04-17-2012 02:27 AM
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    I hope its a good rom
    06-22-2012 05:29 PM