1. SupraGuy10's Avatar
    Hey guys, i'm new here. So lately, I've been having problems with my Xperia Play. Any app involving the internet would force close after being on it for a certain amount of time, which was no big deal, I would just restart my phone. But then it started happening more frequently, and it would force close sooner, sometimes even force closing as soon as I entered the app. Then this morning, I found that my WiFi was off (which was weird because i don't turn off WiFi at home). I went into my settings to turn it back on, locked my phone, and went to do something else. When I went to check Facebook, I saw that the WiFi wasn't on. So again, I went into settings, but instead of just pushing "Turn on Wi-Fi", I went into "Wi-Fi Settings". I saw that I had lost all my saved WiFi networks (including my house), and it wasn't picking any up, even though I know that there are multiple in my area. I tried re-entering my home WiFi settings, but that still didn't work. I did a few more times, then when it still failed, I restarted my phone and tried again. Still nothing. Then I went out, and was still unable to pick up any WiFi, and any internet based apps still weren't working, even with 3G on. I really hope someone can help, because my parents probably won't let me get another phone, even though I'm due for an upgrade. Thank you so much to anyone that can help.
    01-31-2013 08:44 PM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    Did you try doing a factory reset yet?

    Sent from my DROID X2 using Android Central Forums
    01-31-2013 08:49 PM
  3. SupraGuy10's Avatar
    No, but won't that delete all my data?
    01-31-2013 08:52 PM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    Yes. I was just curious. Can't think of anything else to try at the moment. Hopefully someone else will have an idea. It may come to that though.
    02-01-2013 07:13 AM
  5. SupraGuy10's Avatar
    Ok, is there anyway that I can save the apps not on the SD card?
    02-01-2013 02:26 PM
  6. Devinator's Avatar
    There is a way to back all of that up with Titanium. There is a guide somewhere on AC for it. Try searching for it.

    Sent from my DROID X2 using Android Central Forums
    02-01-2013 04:49 PM
  7. SupraGuy10's Avatar
    ok thanks so much!
    02-01-2013 07:23 PM
  8. SupraGuy10's Avatar
    I did not root my phone, is there a good one that i can do without rooting my phone? Or would it just be easier to root it?
    02-01-2013 07:29 PM
  9. Devinator's Avatar
    Not sure if you can do app backup without root. Wait and see if anyone has anything else to say.

    Sent from my DROID X2 using Android Central Forums
    02-01-2013 10:25 PM

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