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    I've modified the stock bootanimation of an Lg Lucky (L16C) with another one (custom) from XDA.
    Once I gave root permissions to the smartphone with KingoRoot, downloaded a file explorer, copied the "bootanimation.zip" file in the proper folder (/system/media), edited the R/W permissions to "R/W" for all categories (user, admin, system) and rebooted the smartphone, the LG Lucky phone booted up with LG logo, then the custom bootanimation, but then the sequence of images slowed down and the smartphone booted up again: this continued to happen until I disconnect the battery from back.
    I saw on the Internet lots of guides and tutorials of how to unbrick a soft-bricked smartphone, and I even tried to disassemble the unit to replace the phisycal memory with a new one, but I turned out that was all soldered together and I couldn't find any parts on Internet. Now I have no idea of what to do, because I discovered that it can't enter in Recovery/Fastboot/Download Mode, even if it's an Android Phone (android phones usually have their own stock recovery installed, so I didn't installed a custom one), because it continues to goes in bootloop, ignoring mine inputs from the buttons.
    Obviously there's not a chance trying to connect with ADB, because it goes in bootloop before the launcher can open. Is it possible to repair the smartphone with a JTAG process?
    Then, I tried to search if it was possibile to wipe data out of the memory without using recovery/fastboot/download mode: i found some over-complicated tutorials that I couldn't understand.
    I finally wrote on this forum to see if someone can help me (note: not go into specific terms or commands because I'm quite a beginner).
    Thanks in advance!
    12-17-2020 04:15 AM
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    Hi, welcome to AC!
    Looks like you have all sorts of things going on , phone apart , try rooting etc.. that's a lot to dive into for a beginner.

    Try go LG website to download the software and tool for your device to go back stock. Otherwise you might end up at repair center or asking XDA For further help..
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    12-17-2020 08:18 AM
  3. Yahadn's Avatar
    Ok, I'll try your suggestion, but if the smartphone doesn't connect, probably there's nothing more to do: after all, that's a 10$ smartphone; I bought it because, just in case something had happened, (and it happened ), I'll had lose only little money.
    If I had installed a custom recovery, like "TWRP", the smartphone could have entered the same in the custom recovery mode and I could have wiped all the data out?
    For future modding on other devices, the fundamental guidlines are: 1) "USB debugging" enabled on your device; 2) "ADB" installed on PC; 3) root permissions on your device; 4) custom recovery installed on your device; 5) flash tool of your phone's brand installed on PC.
    Suggest me if there's something more to keep in mind!
    12-18-2020 02:03 AM

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