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    I have had my Pixel XL since last November and it has been great. Around the time of the August Security Patch, I started to notice #rd party notifications coming in minutes, and sometimes hours later. For example, I use dash for driving, and I will get notifications about driving events that I usually get as they happen, up to an hour later after I am done driving. I also have Android Auto set to automatically open when I connect to my car. I have had to manually start the app, and just now Android Auto launched even though I stopped driving 45 minutes ago. Inbox and gmail are also slow to notify me compared to my tablet. I assume there is a 3rd party app causing this or maybe a combination of apps. I have started to remove apps to see if I can find the cause but it is slow going since I have about 80 apps. Any suggestions, or has anyone else run into this? Is there some kind of notification queue that is getting clogged?


    08-16-2017 12:49 PM

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