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    Can you tell me what this screen means and how I got to it?

    My battery was getting low and I had a lot of things running so I decided to do a soft reset/power off-on, but I was busy carrying stuff in from the car at the time and I think that I must have accidentally hit some other button on the phone or something.

    I remember holding the power button until the Shut Down, Restart ...screen came on and I selected Restart, which I've done several time in the past, but never with this result. Anyway, when I got into the house and put the phone and other stuff down this is what I saw on the screen. It shows several file failures etc. and other stuff and then says process done, press volume up to reboot. The phone is now plugged in but the charge light isn't coming on and it doesn't go into sleep mode either. I have pressed every other key, exept the volume up, just to see if it would cancel or exit this screen but nothing happens.

    I don't know what this is or really how I got there so I'm afraid to press the volume up key to reboot, as instructed. Can this just be cancelled? If so, how?

    This is a 2 month old Sprint HTC EVO 4g LTE phone, under contract, straight out of the box, with no modifications. and no battery to pull either.

    Please help me fast!

    Thanks to all who respond. I appreciate your assistance.

    Please help!
    08-13-2012 05:03 AM
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    I would reboot
    08-13-2012 07:49 AM
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    Reboot your phone somehow you tried to fastboot a file let's hope you didn't have anything on your sd that would flash. But you should be good
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    08-13-2012 08:50 AM
  4. crazy4my2monkeys's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses. As I said, I'm not sure what, if any, buttons I touched after selecting Restart, that would have caused this screen to begin with.

    Per your response, I did a reboot by pressing the volume up and the phone turned off. It didn't actually reboot, just turned off. After a few minutes on the charger I pressed the power button and the phone did turn on and all appears normal. So far no damage done which is a big relief for me.

    I still would like to no what all that infor on the screen meant. Mostly as to why all those things said file fail after them. Any ideas, but no big rush or need to really know the answer on that. Just curious. As long as my phone is still working, I'm a happy girl.

    Thanks again.
    08-13-2012 03:14 PM