1. hjkjhjk's Avatar
    Hi to everyone!
    I'am looking for configure the Wifi of my university that have this features:

    - autentication: WPA
    - criptography: TKIP
    - additional security certificate
    - proxy limitations

    How you can help me?
    Thank you
    10-18-2009 12:06 PM
  2. esanger02's Avatar
    Maybe im not understanding your questions properly, as i am drunk and have been for lets seeeeeee about 6 hours now (hah), but just go to Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi (Turn on Wi-Fi). Turn that on and then just below it, click Wi-Fi settings and find the network.
    10-18-2009 06:52 PM
  3. hjkjhjk's Avatar
    when I go to Settings->Wi-Fi Settings->Advanced->Security Certificates and then I click on "Add Certificate" it simply does nothing....

    so how I can add the certificate?
    10-23-2009 10:32 AM
  4. hjkjhjk's Avatar
    nobody have any idea?
    10-26-2009 11:10 AM
  5. kona2day's Avatar
    The problem I had with my phone and my router was that it does not recognize the N router. My router does B, G and N. It was set up for all of them and my Hero would not recognize the router. When I switched it to just B and G, it found it and worked fine. This is the only thing that I have found.
    10-26-2009 05:24 PM
  6. tealturboser's Avatar
    Late but I am having the same problem. I know how to do it but for some reason I cant on this phone...
    You need to have the actual certificate file on the phone somewhere. With Blackberry and iPhone you can email it to yourself and then accept the certificate. However with the Droid it keeps saying "This attachment cannot be displayed" when I send to my Exchange account email. When I send it to my gmail it shows a paperclip but I cant click on the attachment...

    Then when i try to add it from the SD card and it is looking for a .p12 certificate but the one we use is a .cer and I cannot export it as that type...
    11-17-2009 02:42 PM