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    Has anyone figured out how to get the HTC one to stop sending old texts messages after a reboot? If my phone dies, is updated, or I need to turn it off, when I turn it back on it will send some really old texts and a lot of them. It is making me super angry. Also, Verizon claims it's an HTC problem and HTC said to call Verizon. I've tried everything from system restore to deleting entire threads. It's a bunch of crap that neither company has an answer by now.

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    02-10-2014 12:45 AM
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    I had an issue where I was receiving multiple messages and while that was going on I never powered down the phone or restarted but this is what I found. Are you using Hangouts as an SMS? At the same time do you have a 3rd party SMS app or stock SMS enabled? Or do you have two SMS apps enabled at the same time?

    It feels like you have two SMS apps enabled whatever they may be and one is sending texts and the other is not sending the texts or at least not all of the time. The power up then prompts this app to retry sending the failed message upon start up.

    The reason I asked about Hangouts is because with Hangouts SMS enabled and a 3rd party SMS app running I was receiving duplicates of every inbound text. Now it appeared that I was only sending one message but again I never cycled power on the device while this was going on, so not sure what would have happened if I had.? Now I know you are not receiving duplicates of inbound messages, at least you didn't mention that, but it may have been my app combination or any number of other factors. I'm also assuming that it's not an issue with the stock SMS just because 1000's of people are using it or have it enabled and no one is responding to your post. If it were that it would probably be wide spread someone would have at least chimed in that they were having the same issue.

    Two other things you could try are clearing the cache of your SMS or uninstalling your SMS, if it's 3rd party app you could uninstall it and reinstall it. Actually the latter ended up being the solution for someone I was trying to help with an SMS that would pop up every time the phone was powered up. The poster would delete the message clear the cache and get the message back every time they powered up the phone.

    >Disable SMS in Hangouts
    >Disable one of multiple SMS apps
    >Clear cache to SMS
    >Uninstall and reinstall 3rd party SMS app

    02-10-2014 02:54 PM
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    just Disable the Hangouts
    08-02-2014 11:18 AM

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