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    Hello. I remember a few months back I had random apps force closing all the time. The culprit was Android Sydye Web view. Well the other day I updated FB. Now I noticed I can not comment on anyone or anything without it force closing to the home screen. Also the photo icon to post a photo in a comment is grayed out. I've deleted the app and all the associated files and installed again. Still the same issue. Anyone have an idea???



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    06-21-2015 06:12 PM
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    This will fix you up. For some reason, I was a "Android Facebook Beta Tester" but funny I didn't sign up for it. My issues started after the last update so evidently we were placed into this "Beta Tester" group then. I'd like to know what we are "testing".

    Follow the instructions on this link:


    This will give you the which is the correct non "Beta tester" version.
    06-23-2015 04:11 PM

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