1. sydneysider42's Avatar
    Hey guys, Just joined here to try an resolve an issue with my M9 which I have had 3 weeks now. I have come from an M7 and a Desire HD2 so I am obviously a HTC fan. But, I am disappointed because I am already having issues. I have contacted HTC about them, performed their suggestions to to avail. Seeing as though forums are usually loaded with information and people who often have more knowledge than the tech support staff, I thought I would try this first. Here's hoping.

    So my issues started about a week ago. The power button started to become unresponsive to turning the screen on and off. To begin with, it was intermittent. It was a bit of a nuisance mainly because I could not turn the screen off, but enough pushing and it worked. A double tap turns it on, so not real issue there. But as time has gone on, the problem has now reached a stage where its simply unresponsive, and I have had to change the time out to help the battery. I called HTC and they suggested I start in safe mode. This seemed to work. I had no issues with it, so I began to think it was an app conflict. so I booted my phone as per usual, and began rolling back my apps. Eventually, the button became useless. It simply failed to respond, at all. I did a full factory reset, a full restore. No difference. Reset again without the restore (factory apps only), still no change. Now, the button must work because oddly enough, if I push the power button and the volume down button, it wakes up. In all, I hope someone comes up with a solution that maybe something I have inadvertently done has changed the way the hardware is responding, I dont know. It will be better than returning it, going without it when HTC will likely replace it anyway. Other than this issue, I find it to be a great phone. Slightly better than the M7.
    05-05-2015 07:31 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    When you press the power button, when the phone is off, does it turn on? (Just the power button, no other buttons.)
    05-06-2015 12:12 AM
  3. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    On my M8 im noticing days where its 100% accurate and days where its 80%.
    I personally think the power button on mind is failing and on days when it works it might be temperature related or humidity related or who knows what. But i do believe its a hardware failure on mine, and possibly on yours.
    05-06-2015 10:41 AM

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