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    Yesterday I forced my galaxy to download and install android 4.3 on Sprint. I figured that I'll be getting it eventually anyway, so I might as well hop on board now and see what it has to offer. Plus I can get the first glimpse so I can help others (parents, brother, friends, ect) when they make the jump.

    So far I'm not really impressed. When my phone first rebooted my icons were messed up. It seems like the upgrade slapped the default icons on my phone but left my current ones as is so it had some overlapping on the home screen and an extra icon in the primary shortcuts (bottom bar) that pushed half of the left and half of the right icon off the screen. I thought it was a display issue, but luckily it was just a quick fix of deleting the extra icons and peace was restored.

    It also reset my shortcuts in the quick settings panel (top area of the notification area). Again, no big deal I can reorder them easily enough. No problem except... Mobile Data isn't an option anymore. I liked having this be easily disabled so that I could conserve battery if I needed to and didn't plan on using data. I can still disable it under settings, but that is like 5 clicks instead of 2. Kind of disappointing since I tend to enable it to do my data stuff and then disable again. If anyone knows more about this or how to get it back, I'd be happy to hear it. UPDATE: It appears to have been replaced by the Reading Mode icon. Found someone else with the same complaint here https://community.sprint.com/baw/message/677028

    My final gripe is that auto correct seems to have been forced of me. The old keyboard tended to make my input the default but offer suggestions. This update tends to give autocorrect the reins in what gets typed unless you override it. Similar to how iphone handles it, which means more autocorrect fails. I prefer the old method.

    I do like the interface a little bit more. It has a cooler look and feel to it and text appears clearer. It also feels a bit snappier but perhaps that is just a placebo effect.
    11-12-2013 09:03 AM
  2. Devilsbane's Avatar
    Figured out the auto correct thing. Go into settings -> My device -> Language and input -> Samsung keyboard settings (the gear icon) -> Auto Replacement. Turn that off to go back to the previous way for auto correct to function. The new keyboard will still learn new words, which the old didn't.
    11-12-2013 11:01 AM

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