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    Hi, I posted a similar thread under a phone specific group but I realize since my phone is modded that may be useless. :^)

    Phone is a Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) and i had my friend put in a custom mod that always comes up as Cyanogen/PacManROM with a date of 2015 01 24 (latest as of the time of the mod). The one with android 4.4.4 - on about it says my phone is a SGH I897, PAC version KK Release dev, build jan 24 2015.

    The wierd behavior is that this phone will randomly turn itself on (often late at night) with nothing being done to it. Once it's on it does nothing - no wierd behavior, just stays on with the screen on until the battery dies. So like when I leave it alone fully charged in the glovebox and then have to make a call later it's dead.

    My biggest starting question is how to track down whats causing this - like what things in the ROM could cause it to turn on with no user programming to do so. There are no alarms set, it happens totally unattended (nothing is bumped touched plugged in or removed - i've seen it happen several times as it sat shut off on my desk at 3am) and if i interrupt the process by pulling the battery out it doesn't try it again.
    09-16-2016 05:54 PM

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