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    Good Morning
    I had been using history cleaner pro to help keep my optimus S from Sprint clean, and getting rid of alot of extra cache, but lately the apk, just has not been working properly. I am currently trying a variety of other apk's to see if they work with this phone.

    I am just curious, what app's do you use to keep your optimus running tight. I know, I know I should root, but I have not..for a variety of reasons.

    Thank you in advance for anything you can share.

    10-14-2011 06:26 AM
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    You are correct: you should root.

    The Sprintware was a significant impedance to the performance of the device for me. Most ROM's do not include it. But you need to root to remove it or use a custom ROM.

    When I started venturing away from some of the stock apps for daily functions, the redundancy of and persistence of the stock apps starting at boot and randomly was a nuisance and a waste of the limited resources. App Quarantine was a big help in controlling what would run at startup. But it requires rooting...

    Finally, SD-Booster allows me to realize the speed boost that came with my SD card upgrade. And it requires rooting...

    Removing bloat and getting a speed increase was a motivator in going for it with rooting. All of the apps I list above do require root, but they do not require any sort of fancy partitioning or overclocking to achieve results.
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    10-14-2011 01:54 PM
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    Android Assistant is an amazing (and free) app which allow you to do a ton of things (including clearing cache, killing apps on start-up, moving apps to sd card, etc).
    10-14-2011 03:08 PM

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