Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid: The Best One Yet

Jason Cockerham

Community Review Team Leader
Dec 9, 2010
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If you’ve spent any time around technology in the past several years then you are well aware that, these days, it progresses at an incredible pace. As a techie, of course, I love it because it always gives me new stuff to explore and play with. As a customer it’s great because I can get more advanced technology at an affordable price more quickly than before. One piece of tech that continues to advance at a quick pace is robotic vacuums. They are one of my favorite pieces of tech right now and it’s awesome to see them continue to get smarter.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to use several of Eufy’s latest RoboVacs and if you’ve read any of my reviews of them you’d know that I’m a fan. as you might expect, each one has been better than the last. The ones I’ve tested have progressively gotten thinner, quieter, more powerful, or had some other minor upgrade. The newest one, the RoboVac L70 Hybrid, is its biggest upgrade ever.

L70 Master.jpg

What You Need to Know

  • Eufy’s all new laser navigation system is the company’s most accurate and consistent yet
  • The L70 can vacuum and mop your floors with a simple attachment add-on that’s included in the box.
  • While this one is the most expensive model yet, it packs an impressive array of features to justify it.
  • Design: A New Look
  • Almost every robot vacuum on the market basically looks like a big hockey puck, that is to say a big, black circle. Eufy changed the look of the L70 up a bit and went with a white color and I really like it. I prefer a cleaner, sleeker look and to me the white look does that. It helps the L70 stand out a bit as well. If you’ve owned or seen other robot vacuums then you’ll notice that the L70 is also thicker and has a small disc on top of it that looks kind of like a big button. This is due to the new laser navigation feature the company has added which I’ll explain later.

Because of all the awesome features packed into this guy, it is noticeably thicker than many other robovacs which means it will have a harder time fitting under low furniture. This has actually been really helpful in my house because we have a low couch under which all our other RoboVacs would get stuck so it’s nice to have one that can’t get caught under it.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot different from a design perspective. However, there are a ton of new features to get excited about, so let’s jump in.

Features: Not Your Typical RoboVac

Ok, this is the fun part. Eufy has packed the L70 Hybrid with a couple of new game changing features that make it almost seem like a completely new device. Let’s break them down.

Laser Navigation

For starters, there is an entirely new navigation system built into this guy that is so much more precise than any other model I’ve used. Eufy calls it iPath Laser Navigation and it uses, you guessed it, lasers to see it’s way around your house.

The lasers are housed in the button looking thing on top of the vacuum and they scan the room to provide an incredibly accurate layout of your house allowing the L70 to plot an efficient path through your home. Other vacuums without this technology simply scoot randomly across the floor and use infrared sensors to tell when they are about to run into something. Since it doesn’t really know where it is in the house it doesn’t know if it’s cleaned somewhere already so you may see it cross over the same spot multiple times. This is just inefficient and a tad annoying.

There are 2 major benefits of this new precise navigation system.

The first is that it allows you much more control over the vacuum than before. Since the L70 is WiFi connected it can sync up to your smartphone so you can see exactly where the vacuum wants to go in your house and you can set a specific route for it to travel. This is useful to help it avoid places where it might get stuck or cleaning places you’d rather it not go into.

In my house, for example, our bedroom is directly off the living room and we usually leave the bedroom door open. Whenever Washington (we named our vacuum Washington for reasons I’ll explain in a bit) goes into our bedroom, (which is carpeted) he usually gets stuck on our charging cords or something and we have to move him out by hand. Now, we can simply cut off our bedroom from his route so he never goes in at all.

The mapping technology is so precise that you can even set “No-Go” zones within a specific room. For instance, if you have a rug on the floor, you can tell Washington to clean around it. He won’t have a problem cleaning it unless it has tassels on the side or something but it’s a helpful option to have. The legs of our coffee table are flat on the floor so sometimes he gets caught up in them and it’s nice to be able to tell him not to clean there, all from the convenience of my smartphone.


The second major benefit of this navigation system is a much better battery life. With almost every other vacuum I’ve tested, they usually get about a good hour of cleaning, maybe a bit more, then they head home. With the L70, Eufy claims it can clean for a solid 2.5 hours before needing to recharge. Most others I’ve tested don’t last nearly that long.

Truth-be-told I’ve never really timed it out because we usually schedule him to clean after we have left for the day and we live in a small town home so Washington really can’t test out his full potential. He usually does return home with a good amount of charge left and sometimes has gotten stuck and will still be on and functioning hours later when we come home and find him so I would not expect the 2.5 hours to be too far off. Every other model I’ve tested will die out after getting stuck and would have to be manually returned to their chargers. I’ve never had to do that with my L70.


The other major new feature of the L70 Hybrid is its ability to now mop floors as well (hence the name Washington). I have to admit, I was ridiculously excited about this feature when I first discovered it. I mean, we already didn’t have to vacuum our floors nearly as much and now we might not have to mop as much either?! Sign me up!!

How this works is much more complicated than I could possibly understand, after all, I’m not an engineer but the basic concept is pretty simple. A portion of the bin where dirt is collected from vacuuming has been sectioned off to be able to hold water. Once it’s filled up (just water, no soap), you simply attach the included mopping attachment to the bottom of Washington and he automatically enters mopping mode. Washington will then scoot along the floor as normal but now he will spray a small amount of water on the floor then mop over it with his microfiber mop pad.

We tested in out in our kitchen and we were happily surprised to see just how well it worked! As with vacuuming, it won’t completely replace the need to mop your floors but it will certainly cut down on it quite a bit. We now only have to really mop our floors about once a month or so because Washington does a good enough job to keep them clean in between.

Efuy claims that the mopping is “intelligent” meaning that depending on the material of your floor, cement, marble, hardwood, etc., the L70 will know just how much power and water to use to get the best clean. We only have hardwood in our house so I couldn’t test this out so YMMV.

The only downsides here is that you have to manually attach the mopping insert every time you are ready to mop and the dirt bin is now a little smaller than on the previous models. To me though that is a small price to pay for the added convenience.

There is also an included plastic cover to place over the charger for the L70 to keep the floor around the charger dry when he’s charging after a hard day of mopping.

Quick Notes

There’s a few other things to note about the L70. All the other great features from the previous models are still here. I already mentioned that it’s WiFi connected which also means that aside from the smartphone connectivity, you can also set it up with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can literally clean your floor without lifting a finger. Trust me, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

The buttons on top for starting and pausing cleaning as well as return home are back as well which is great.

The L70 also gets up to 2200Pa of suction which is the most powerful one they have made to date. The suction power is also adjustable with 4 separate modes of suction. There’s Quiet, Standard, Turbo, and Max all managed by Eufy’s BoostIQ system which will automatically adjust the amount of suction depending on the amount of mess.

The Quiet function is particularly welcome for the days when I work from home and Washington can quietly hum along without disturbing me even though he’s already surprisingly quiet in his normal mode.

Another nice touch is the cleaning filters are washable so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had the privilege of being able to use a variety of robot vacuums over the years and I have to say the new RoboVac L70 Hybrid is certainly my favorite. Yes, it’s bigger and a bit bulkier than other ones I’ve tried but this one is quieter, more powerful, more efficient and has added features that far outweigh the few imperfections.

At $549, it’s certainly not cheap and something you’ll want to make sure you think about before you purchase but it is something I can absolutely recommend if you’re shopping around. You won’t be disappointed.

And hey, Christmas isn’t too far away.