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    I’ve had my V10 for two years now. I’ve used a USB connection many times to transfer data to and from my Windows 10 laptop, without a problem. File Explorer recognizes the V10 and puts a “V10” in the device/drive list.
    But all of a sudden when I do a USB connection now, File Explorer puts “XdwM0750” in the device/drive list, and when I click on that it displays “This folder is empty.” So I can’t get at any of the data on the V10. I know the USB connection is good, because I just downloaded the Android Central app using my computer, and it passed it along to my V10 just fine (while still displaying “XdwM0750” in File Explorer).
    Any clue what’s going on?
    Thanks for any help
    07-12-2017 06:28 PM

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