1. willdude_3's Avatar

    I am looking into buying and samsung galaxy europa in the uk,
    but some sources say that a FroYo update is avalible but some do not.
    Could someone who owns the phone please confirm or deny this?
    03-20-2011 04:18 AM
  2. SniperFery's Avatar
    Froyo is about to be rolled out possibly at the end of March (said Samsung worldwide - especially ASIA which where I am) for the GT-i5500 codename Galaxy EUROPE, and 2 months later for the same type yet different code as GT-i5503 (ASIAN version of i5500) that's what I got so far from samsung's officials. There has been some leaks version for the both (or Triplet) version of G5 (thats what it's called of around Indonesia) for the i5500/03/08 and you could use some of the MOD ROMS from Mr.Motafoca and the MAD-Team at g5devteam.com and it works perfectly with it though it still missing the abillity of Multitouch which will come - said samsung - on the off's Froyo called "PEEK" and there has been some modding of doing the GingerBread ROMS and it work flawlessly in this cute lil' device!!

    I've been using this Android Phone for some month now and it worked great with those Customs ROMS and some leaks.
    (sorry if i gave to many info's where you actually needs the answer of Froyo for G5 are out or not)
    03-26-2011 09:53 AM