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    I cannot get the Jabra Drive to answer the phone by pressing its answer/end button as instructed. I also cannot get it to change volume using the volume buttons, but I can cahnge the volunme by usinbg the _phone's_ volume! I can get google voice search by long- pressing the Drive's answer button. I cannot get the Jabra to allow me to talk into it, reliably, when I answer using the phone to answer.

    I have the Drive connected with BT and set to use both phone and media. Media seems to work OK (I hear sound on the Drive), but I still cannot change the volume using the drive. I do not really want it for media anyway as it's hardly a boom box!

    Are these just rubbish, or is it an issue with my phone? I will ad that I have similar trouble using a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    Appreciate any advice

    11-01-2014 01:39 AM

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