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    I never downloaded any tracking app on my droid x but it has just been stolen and I need to find out exactly where it is. Please help me! Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve a previously downloaded app?
    03-22-2011 04:12 AM
  2. jdbower's Avatar
    Reporting it to Verizon will have them invalidate the ESN so it will become a lot less valuable. In theory they can work with police to track it, but in my experience for small crimes like this the police aren't willing to do much (why spend a few thousand dollars on manpower to find a thief with a $500 phone).

    AppBrain has the ability to remotely push apps to the phone, if you've enabled that feature or a similar feature that may help.

    You may also want to call your phone and see if anyone answers. It may have been lost rather than stolen, or someone may have accidentally taken it. Perhaps a longshot, but it may save you a lot of trouble if it's true.
    03-22-2011 05:33 AM
  3. booberthecat's Avatar

    Sorry to hear about your missing Droid X and what I am about to say, I know, is "too little, too late", but I wanted to suggest using Lookout Premium in the future. I'm terrified of losing my Droid X and Lookout Premium provides me:

    • Virus protection.
    • Backup and restore of my contacts and photos.
    • Remotely locking of my device.
    • Remotely wiping of the data from my device.
    • Remotely location of my device using its GPS radio.
    • I can also remotely make m missing device "scream" loudly to draw attention to the fact it is stolen (or in my car trunk as the case may be).

    For $30 a year, it is inexpensive peace of mind, in my opinion. I've used it on my Droid X from the beginning. Here's their URL: http://www.mylookout.com.

    BTW, no, I do not work for Lookout (even though my email sounds that way). I'm just a very satisfied customer. :-)

    Wishing you all the best of luck in finding your Droid X. Hopefully it finds its way home soon.
    03-22-2011 08:59 AM
  4. Sailmaker's Avatar
    I also have Lookout on my DroidX. I don't have the premium plan because: one of the great things about Lookout is you can add the premium plan at any time.

    So, in the event your phone is lost or stolen, you can sign up for the premium plan after the fact and run the remote locking & remote data wipe at that time. The remote location feature works on the free version.
    *It May Not Be Too Little Too Late: You may be able to load the app even though you don't have your phone; methinks you can remotely load apps through the App Market. Then you can go ahead and and run the app data wipe and phone lock features from your desktop/laptop computer. (just a thought!) You may not get your phone back but you won't have to be sweating bullets wondering if anyone is accessing the data on your phone.

    However, booberthecat is getting extra peace of mind by loading the Lookout Premium feature ahead of time. And for $30, that's a good deal.
    03-22-2011 04:17 PM
  5. knightsseven's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear about your phone. :-(

    Webroot also gives the feature sets of Lookout Premium for free. I have used Webroot since day one and it works amazingly well:

    • Proactively scans all downloads
    • “Scream” functionality to find your device
    • “Call/SMS Blocking”
    • Works on Rooted devices
    • Remotely locates your mobile device using Google Maps
    • Remotely wipes and locks your mobile device
    • Blocks harmful websites
    03-22-2011 07:30 PM
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    Also pulled this off of eHow.com ... it may or may not be helpful. I have never tried any of these methods and cannot vouch for them.


    Track it by the IMEI number. If you believe that you phone has been stolen, you can find your number by having your cell phone company track your phone by the IMEI (international mobile equipment identity). This number is usually located underneath your battery so make sure you have it wrote down. The IMEI is basically your cell phone's finger print.

    Use google maps to try to locate your cell phone. Use the "Click-to-call" feature to locate your lost cell phone. Just look up any business and enter your cell phone number instead of the business number. I did this to locate my lost cell phone. It turned out to be less than a few feet away from me!

    Use a site to call your cell phone. Another website to locate your lost cell phone is wheresmycellphone.com. You can use this site to call your cell phone. This will work great if you have lost your cell phone in your house or somewhere close. Just make sure that you have your phone on at least vibrate and not silent!

    Use GPS if it is enabled. You might also be able to find your phone if you have enable GPS to transmit at all times. Most phones can only transmit GPS during an emergency call such as 911. However, some phones are capable of transmitting at all times.

    Read more: How to Locate My Lost Cell Phone | eHow.com How to Locate My Lost Cell Phone | eHow.com
    03-22-2011 07:34 PM
  7. Sailmaker's Avatar
    Plan B is the 'find my phone' app that you download AFTER you lose your phone.

    Plan B is your last resort to find your missing phone.

    This is the first and only 'find my phone' app that you download AFTER you've already lost your phone. Having Lookout on your phone is the best way to protect your phone and find it fast, but use Plan B if you have already lost your phone and didn't have Lookout installed.

    Available @ App Market
    03-22-2011 08:28 PM
  8. roberte1342's Avatar
    If your number is still active goto android market on the web and install Where's My Droid.
    Wait a couple minutes for it to install to your missing Droid (assuming it is on)
    WMD's default SMS phrase is 'gps my droid' SMS that from another phone to get the gps coordinates and maps link SMSed back to you.

    Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
    03-22-2011 10:55 PM
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    I wanted to post that I just downloaded Seek Droid for .99 from Amazon's app market and am impressed with what I got for.99. It can send an alarm, it can wipe the device (didn't test)...it can remotely lock the phone and it can show me where it is on a map.
    03-23-2011 01:57 PM

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