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    Hi, I'm a new member and i stumbled upon this site in a desperate hope searching google looking to fix my horrible 2-4 hour battery life on my sprint photon...

    I finally went to make the change from my old blackberry tour to a new phone called the photon. I specifically went into the store and said i need a new phone with the LONGEST battery life possible. They told me the Photon is the best and it has this this this and that and you can use it as much as u want with multiple apps and the battery will last atleast 10 hours. This is not true because i'll unplug my phone and drive to work and send maybe 10-15 text messages with a few phone calls in between and 1 hour later i'm already at 60-70%... This can not be right.

    I looked at this thread here and did all sorts of things like make a black backround, turn off sync, disable automatic updates and such etc... Plus a few other things too...

    I thought it would help for sure but i see no difference at all. I brought it to sprint but they were too busy and said i needed to leave it for a few hours which isn't an option for me.

    I noticed that i have a bunch of apps running and even when i stop them or force close them i'll look a few minutes later and they just restarted themselves somehow...

    Is there something i am doing wrong or have turned on or because this is really crazy and i'm sure is not normal. I literally have to keep my phone on the charger all day or it'll just die within a few hours.

    Any help will be appreciated..

    05-15-2012 12:08 AM