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    Last year I bought the Idolian studio 10 and I loved it. For 6 months lol. Then I started experiencing issues with it such as a screen smudge that got bigger and bigger every day, the back panal was just peeling off for no reason (just coming off), the camera no longer worked, and so i decided to email them. They couldn't care less about my problem but had me send it in for repairs. So i sent it in and got it back 3 months later with nothing done to it! I take that back, they were so helpful as to update the firmware.... really? So I demanded for a refund, they just waiting and waited until my year warranty was up. Now that it was up today I decided to investigate and see what was causing the issue. The pack was soo far peeled off that it didn't take hardly any effort to get it all off. I looked inside and one of the two batteries is twice the size!! It looks as if it exploded inside! As soon as I took the back panal off it released pressure and now the camera wprks, the screen smudge is almost completely gone, and now I figure I'll go to best buy and get their reccomendation on what to do. But before that I figured I would see if the good people of this android site would have any guesses to what happened and how to fix?

    Thanks so much kyle!

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    01-11-2014 12:14 PM
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    Here are some pictures to help
    Attached Thumbnails Idolian studio 10 tablet issue, took back off-20140111_110122_richtone-hdr-.jpg   Idolian studio 10 tablet issue, took back off-20140111_110131_richtone-hdr-.jpg   Idolian studio 10 tablet issue, took back off-20140111_110147_richtone-hdr-.jpg   Idolian studio 10 tablet issue, took back off-20140111_110156_richtone-hdr-.jpg  
    01-11-2014 12:40 PM

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