1. Truin Clandes's Avatar
    Hi all,
    The back/ undo key of the touch screen keyboard is almost not working. Instead touching it '0' is getting typed. To undo any letter I have to press right at the bottom edge of the button. Otherwise more than half of the undo button types 0! How to fix this?
    I have checked that area of the screen has no problem other than while using the keyboard.
    Please help.
    Note 2, 10.1
    11-25-2013 02:02 AM
  2. Eclipse2K's Avatar
    Uninstall updates to the keyboard and reinstall. Or try and clear the cache. I've seen weird issues with keyboard that are solved doing this.

    Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
    12-05-2013 12:05 PM

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