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    Hi Karen,

    Haha, I love your sense if humor. *No, I didn't buy an iPhone. *My Galaxy Note 2 was having problems with GPS to finding satellites and after 4 years it was time. *

    I want multiple batteries and an SD card. *Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 uses a fixed permanent battery and guess what, they started getting hot for one reason or another and they expand in a tight fixed compartment and eventually if the cause doesn't stop that makes them hot they explode. It can happen with any fixed battery. *I've had batteries that started to expand, one because of software and the other now because the GPS is messed up and it continually looks for the satellites all day. *I can feel the phone getting hot. The battery has a belly on both sides from swelling from heat and if I left it in, it would explode. So, I throw it the battery away, get the phone fixed or replaced and don't have the right side of my face blown off. *

    It can happen with iPhones too. *Samsung recalled all their new Galaxy Note 7 phones *because the batteries were blowing up. It was a tiny tiny % but if it's yours it's gargantuan. *

    I was going to buy the next version of the LG v20 but they announced a permanent battery (which may quickly change now). *So I was stuck.

    I ended up buying a hardly used Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is much faster than mine, has a better screen, has a much better camera and exchangeable batteries. *This cost me $250 and I'm ecstatic. *I have the phone I want and didn't have to pay $1,000 with tax and another $8 a month for insurance.*

    So, I'm ready to do a trial run of our Periscope with my Note 4. *I need to get a tripod and microphone and then we're set. *
    Keep in mind, if your phone gets hot and batteries have shorter lives, something wrong and it needs to be fixed.

    09-04-2016 11:45 AM

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