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    My samsung galaxy note 3 comes back on with anywhere between 0-35% battery but also turns off after 2 minutes claiming there is no battery. After charging my phone, through the day i have the media.access fail, my remote connections to google chrome disconnect at least 4 times a day forcing me to reset, my apps suddenly stop working sometimes forcing a reset. Sometimes my keyboard stops working forcing a reset, sometimes its my gps and sometimes its the wifi. I pulled it apart yesterday and there doesnt look like there are any physical issues but I dont exactly have the equipment to run tests.

    Not sure what to do because a factory reset didnt work and I already lost $300 worth of game data. Still waiting for my passport to arrive ao i can order a new phone.
    07-25-2017 07:28 PM
  2. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    Mod Note: Thread moved for better visibility and edited to remove quote.
    07-25-2017 07:44 PM

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