04-27-2016 02:58 PM
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    Sherlock: Thanks for this very informative and detailed post. I had no idea the GN4 (and now other flagshipdevices) were being copied with a shockingly high level of attention to detail. Knockoffs are no longer laughably obvious. Please ignore the judgmental trolls and know that your post has proved an invaluable heads up to me and other members of this board. I have just purchased a good GN4 off Ebay since my major carrier has run out of new GN4's. Given the lack of a removable battery on the GN5 and likely the GN6 (based on the S7 rumors) and the lack of an SD card on the GN5, the Note 4 is the only choice for picky power users like me. The used market is going to be the only option for most of us that still have the Note, Note2,, and Note3's. On another note, (no pun intended) the secondary market on EBay is an excellent choice for smart shoppers burned by the Asurion Insurance ripoff from AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/Etc for older phones like the GN4 and earlier Notes. If your phone is more than a year old, my recommendation is to stop paying for insurance. I am rocking a spotless older Note 2 from EBay that I purchased for less than the cost of an Asurian Insurance replacement. One EBay tip I will pass on is to never buy from a seller with little or no ratings/membership history on EBay and to always read any recent negative reviews. There is a special place in hell for swindlers that target ordinary folks like us.

    There are now a slew of "Fake GN4" videos on YouTube as this problem has become a real issue. I've pasted a link below:
    B&H is a very reliable source to pick up smartphones. Bought my brand new, unlocked international variant Note 4 from here. Plus they offer a one year warranty.

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    04-03-2016 06:56 AM
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    I also have very good luck via Craigslist. I'm not one to buy electronics or jewelry on it and I am not going to meet people alone after dark for pretty much anything, but I have found some great people, a few who are now friends of mine on CL. Somebody must be watching over me!
    04-27-2016 02:58 PM
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