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    Okay here's the story on my Samsung I bought. Put my sim in and all seems well i make a call text no issue. Did that so I could ship to my husband in Nigeria to my husband to sue with his network.
    This is a unlocked phone international ready.

    So phone gets there it wants a pin and this and that seems not unlocked. He takes to his cell carrier the guy tries everything nothing.
    Now I have phone back in my hands here in the US and I take to my phone store and get it its own sim and get activated. Only problem now it keeps searching for network wont connect Internet works, you can use wifi download fine. Text receive and end which is weird.

    So O take to my guy at another phone store and they say the motherboard is gone can't be fixed. I don;t believe that.

    One note my husband did mention "Perhaps they should check and see under the phone battery to know if IME of the phone matches with the one on he phone software settings. I think what they did was that, they change the IME of the phone here in Nigeria".

    That seems simple to me to change back right?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. This is a brad new phone and I would hate to think its toast.

    Thank you
    10-17-2015 10:15 AM

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