1. welderdon's Avatar
    Yesterday i pushed the power button and unlocked the phone. It went to the home screen for a few seconds and then went to a black screen and started vibrating every second or so. Ive been trying to find information about it all day. The only way to get it to stop vibrating is to pull the battery. When i put the battery back in it turns on by itself and flashes the Samsung logo for a second, goes away, flashes logo again then blank screen and vigrating. If i hold JUST the volume keys (holding power button also, doesnt change anything) when i put the battery in, after the second logo it says "Verifying internal MMC block . . . . ." Its a couples lines of yellow text. its only displayed for about a half second (had to do it about 20 times to read the whole thing) If i plug the charger in (to either wall charger or laptop), it starts vibrating right away, no logo screen. If, while plugged in i remove and replace battery, the image of a battery shows for a second (like when charging), then back to vibrating. If while plugged into my laptop, i remove battery, hold down JUST volume keys, replace battery it will bring up a warning menu that says something about a custome OS. at the bottom of the menu it says press volume up to continue or volume down to cancel and restart. this screen is also only on for a split second then goes blank and vibrates. From everything i have expierienced and read about this, i think it is the power button stuck pressed (visually it isnt and it still clicks when pressed). I have tried everything i can think of to get it to turn on, even called AT&T support and Samsung support, they both said to send it in for warrenty. I may send it to MobileTechVideos.com, even though AT&T is sending a replacement. I got the phone mid Dec 2011, it has worked flawlessly until now. The phone is completley stock other than some games and apps from the market. So i guess my questions are, after that too long of a description, 1) Any other suggestions or things to try? 2) Is there ANY way to recover data such as apps, word documents, photos, videos etc.? 3) If i send it to those people to fix and it is just the power button, my data should stay on it, right? Thank you for taking the time to read this, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    06-02-2012 06:54 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...you've done all the things I would have done. Sounds like a device issue, versus a software issue.

    Try booting into 'safe mode' again. Just maybe something different will happen this time.
    06-02-2012 10:22 PM
  3. gnpmom's Avatar
    Mine did this too. Yesterday, it shut itself off and now won't turn back on at all, leaving me without a phone. I have removed the battery (it worked in another phone) and tried all of the restarts I know of but no luck. The cards are fine, have only had the phone 5 days! My phone wouldn't work with another phone's battery that I know was OK, either.

    HELP! ! ! !
    06-10-2012 07:02 AM
  4. Ronnie2's Avatar
    Have you guys tried restoring with Odin? As long as you can get the phone into download mode you should be able to fix it.

    06-10-2012 09:32 AM
  5. ananiask8's Avatar
    This is my case as well. Have tried Odin, worked for like 10 minutes or so....
    08-23-2012 08:02 PM