1. rb29's Avatar
    I have searched on how to remove devices and keep finding the usual "press and hold device until menu pops up". Well that does not work on a T-Mobile S3. I paired with my wife's car, my truck, and headset. I rarely drive my car and every time in get in it alerts me every 2 mins or so "confirm passkey to pair with the device". I do not have the option to turn off, just to pair it or cancel, and cancel only allow it to alert again in 30 seconds or so. I have "unpaired", rebooted (it is gone) but that does not stop it from returning when I enter her car. On older Android devices I would just delete the device. But on my S3 I cannot get the option. I called T mobile and was told to : go to settings>app manager>all>bluetooth share>clear data. Ofcourse after I rebooted it was gone, until I got in the car and started it again. Still keeps getting pair request unless I turn off my bluetooth, which I keep on to use with my headset........and I have the box unchecked on the bluetooth setting screen so that it is in "not visible to other bluetooth devices" mode. Does anyone know how to delete a device permanently?
    12-13-2012 10:05 PM
  2. rb29's Avatar
    Got the answer from the thread I put in the T-Mobile section: Just an fyi for anyone with the same problem, I finally was told what was wrong. (answered by "piizadude") I keep deleting the device, but the stereo in my wife's car has memory too. I had to delete it from the stereo's memory so it cannot find my phone every time.
    12-14-2012 02:16 AM
  3. WAWood8's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to delete a device permanently?
    Sorry, but you can't. Had this same problem, posted a thread -- and all the replies I got pointed to menu items NOT on my phone. So, either the folks were using an International version that had different menus than mine, or they were using a different phone altogether.

    The solution they said was to go into the BT menu, long-press the device, and select Remove -- except, unless you can actively pair to the device, no such menu option is offered.
    12-15-2012 07:00 AM
  4. bassmig's Avatar
    Once the device is unpaired just restart your phone and it will be gone.
    12-15-2012 09:41 AM
  5. WAWood8's Avatar
    Once the device is unpaired just restart your phone and it will be gone.
    Not with my phone, at least, not right away ... but eventually (several days) it did vanish.

    Happened to me because I had BT turned on while I was in a parking lot at a shopping center and someone else's device got close enough for the phone to see it.

    Device stayed on the BT profile page for several days, but eventually, dropped off.
    12-15-2012 07:46 PM
  6. solvit's Avatar
    My first post .... VZ Galaxy S III .... I had the same issue trying to delete bluetooth devices. I did a little digging around and found, to delete an existing but unwanted devices from the list of bluetooth devices try this ....

    1 - Go to Settings
    2 - Select Bluetooth
    3 - Ensure that the device you want to remove is either turned off or out of range
    4 - Long press on the device you want to remove
    5a - If it says "pair" then go ahead with that (even though it can't pair given step #3)
    5b - If it says "unpair" then go ahead with that.
    6 - Turn the phone OFF
    7 - Wait a minute
    8 - Turn the phone ON
    9 - Check to see if the unwanted device is gone from the list ...

    It worked for me to delete various bluetooth devices, however I have no idea how or why this works. Obviously it's not intuitive.
    01-29-2013 11:14 AM
  7. Janey Dickens's Avatar
    this worked for my samsung galaxy 3 . I had my cell phone paired to my panasonic cordless bluetooth phone and i could not delete it so I did the same method but instead of getting my cordless phones out of range i just took out the batteries and proceeded with the steps and when i turned my cell back on it was gone ....thanks
    07-20-2016 08:25 PM

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