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    I use an original Galaxy Fascinate, and will probably "finally" upgrade to the S4. If anyone could help with a couple things it would be most appreciated:

    1.) GPS - How well/quick can you get a working GPS connection? (My fascinate is VERY hit and Miss with this one.)

    2.) Background wind/noise etc. when talking on phone. Does the S4 cancel any background noise so the recipiant does not have to hear the noise of your location (not saying it is a Tavern!!) Folks I talk to with my current phone often complain that it is hard to have a conversation because of wind noise etc.

    3) Speakers - I know that the ONE has good speakers, but how do the speakers on the S4 compare? I am not trying to start anything with this question, as I have NO interest on getting the HTC One. Just some honest feedback would be cool!

    Thanks anyone that could help me out with this!!
    05-07-2013 08:06 PM

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