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    Upgraded to the Galaxy S4 from my 3 year old launch day iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. The headunit in my car I picked up not long after getting my iPhone and features a rear input USB and supports iOS and USB flash drives. I can get an adapter to add Bluetooth connectivity (as well as a hard mount mic and phone control through the headunit supposedly) but costs $250 new. This headunit is 3 years old and if I have to I will. However...

    Ive done a bit of Google searching to find a solution to getting my headunit to read my GS4. All my music is on my 8gb SD card, I've rooted and run a USB mass storage program to imitate a flash drive- no luck. MTP doesn't work either. My friend popped his S3 in and got it to read his SD card just fine, everything between our phones look identical so I have no idea why its not working on my S4.

    But I'm not necessarily wanting to read MP3s- I want a way for my phone to imitate an iOS device so I can use Pandora, Soundcloud and Winamp Pro. I just recently found PodMode but I'm stunned I have to DIY a cable to make it work. I can't fathom how a regular old' USB cable won't work.

    Has anyone gotten around this with a headunit like mine? All the PodMode forums feature manufacturer stereos which are quite different than my Alpine. I haven't called Alpine yet since its a discontinued product and I doubt I'll get help in jerry-rigging an S4 so I'm asking here first.
    11-09-2013 08:17 PM
  2. Jimmeyhendrix's Avatar
    Weird because i have an issue with my S3 it doent read it, did your friend had his phone rooted? may that help me settle my problem, thanks for any info
    08-05-2014 02:48 PM

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