1. Co83's Avatar
    I've had my SG5 since April 2014 and it's been great. Now, just 2 days ago Lollipop updated onto my phone and ever since then when I plug my phone in to charge (using the charger that came with the phone as well as usb chargers) my phone gives me an error that says something like "this device is incompatible with this charger. Charging will be stopped to prevent damage to your phone" -- But its the charger that came with the phone and worked perfectly up until immediately after the update!

    I've tried the regular usb chargers, I've tried my car charger, I've tried plugging it into my laptop by usb while that's charging... and I continuously get this error.

    Yesterday, it did let me charge it in safe mode. Today, it won't. It also won't charge while it's turned off, it'll turn on by itself and give me that error. I've talked to 2 verizon techs on the phone and in person yesterday and they had me delete a couple of apps and take the battery out for 1 minute, but nothing has helped. Now - it has let me charge it using the white charger that came with the phone... it charged for about 40 minutes, still not full battery and then the error came up out of nowhere.

    My second part to all of this, is that the battery nearly drains before my eyes and IF it does charge, it's very slow - but 99% of the time since Lollipop it tells me the charger is incompatible... even though it wasn't right before the update. Ha..

    I can't figure out what the heck is going on. Can anyone help me? I'm afraid doing a factory reset will only erase all my apps and pictures without fixing the problem.
    02-04-2015 01:32 PM
  2. flim89's Avatar
    i have the same problem of not charging on my S4 after the lollipop update too! Someone help! I have tried to clean my USB port and got all the dirt out and it is still not working. I am quite positive it is a software, not hardware issue... Any clue?
    02-05-2015 02:58 AM

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