12-30-2015 07:33 AM
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  1. Westiemom's Avatar
    I disagree completely I have the white version and it is beautiful, when the light hits just right it has a beautiful pearl look to it. I see that black as ok looking they whole transition to blue tint seems annoying in my opinion, it looks cool for a little while but if I wanted blue in would have waited for it to come out. To each their own I suppose.
    Totally agree, love the white and its what I wanted. I felt like I would get tired of the gold very quickly, even though its pretty. Ive always had black phones and I'm very tired of them, plus I dont think the black/blue looks good on the S6. Its definitely best in a light color and the white looks best of all to me. Love it!

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    12-29-2015 12:46 PM
  2. Custnam's Avatar
    I decided to return my gold one to T-Mobile that I got through "Jump". Then I bought a mint condition/ clean ESN white one on Ebay for 349.99. Great deal if it really is mint.
    12-29-2015 01:07 PM
  3. chezm's Avatar
    Have black and like it but think I would have preferred white

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    12-29-2015 02:03 PM
  4. linebusy's Avatar
    Love the gold. Love how it transforms into different colors at times. Yes, you do see fingerprints, but a quick polish reveals its beauty anew. Honestly, there are days where I've set it down while working on something and looked over because it still catches my eye, especially when it's reflecting the colors around it as though it's a different phone than the one I sat down.
    12-30-2015 07:33 AM
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