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    I've had my S6 for a little over a month, and the only thing I'm having trouble adjusting to coming from iOS is the sounds and how they're assigned. Not a major problem, and not affecting my thoughts on the S6 as a whole - I really like it in comparison to the iPhone 6. I'm not a fanatic either way, but I'm more impressed than I thought I would be with the S6.

    Anyway - my ringtone is changing all by itself. I had a MP3 that I loaded on the phone and it's been set as my ringtone, but this morning it rang and it's changed back to the default. I haven't been in settings in the past few days, so I know I didn't do anything to change it. What might cause this?

    Also...I don't really reboot that often (unless I think about it.) I was getting some lag last week so I rebooted. I wanted to clear the cache and mistakenly used power+home+volume down to get to the recovery screen. I hit the reboot and came back in to find that some of my apps had pretty much reset themselves - I had to log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a few others, but Instagram, WhatsApp, and a few others were fine. I was baffled, but let it go. Could it be related?
    09-11-2015 08:45 AM

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