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  1. Slade8525's Avatar
    Expected no more than 36 hours total life with 8 hours screen on, but utilizing just greenify, some tweaks, and app disabler pro for samsung, i managed 44 hours of battery life with 8 hours using the screen on a full charge; thats before i put a screen-off kill setting up via tasker to autokill most running apps when the screen is off. This included hiking/kayaking at delaware gap national park, where i had little or no signal and it was constantly hunting.

    Boatbrowser pro eats up battery while its running in background, as do some other processes i intend to have tasker autokill.

    Not too shabby. I dont use facebook (i mean i do not HAVE a facebook or any social network stuff at all) and have it disabled, but if you use it, log in via browser and it wont kill your battery like facebook app and messenger will.

    with Tasker set to autokill and some other signal tweaks, i expect i should be able to get 46-48 hours of life with 8 hours SOT, or 9 hours screen on time, with 44 hours battery life. This is with mixed use of wifi, (very poor) LTE signal, bluetooth, NFC, and GPS constantly on. Most i got out of my S4 with 5200mah Anker battery was 38 hours and 8 hours screen time, same approximate tweaks, and that was with SetCPU throttling the CPU down to a max of 1.6ghz vs 1.89 max.

    I film/photograph for a living, tweak and mess with stuff endlessly; i obsess over every modicum of performance and efficiency i can scrounge from anything; bikes, cars (built 300ZX TT, and rotary Mazda RX-8), computers (build and tune my own for editing RAW 1080P/4k with Adobe for clients) etc.

    this is the first phone i havent found any real drawbacks or issues (did discover the map/compass overlay 'google apps is updating' software issue though) and that i dont really feel the need to try to root or flash; its great out of the box, and has thus far survived water, a 'friend' pouring beer on it, etc.

    Hows your battery life?
    Attached Thumbnails Impressive battery life - 44hrs, 8 hours screen time.-blife.png   Impressive battery life - 44hrs, 8 hours screen time.-sot.png  
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    07-14-2016 09:42 PM
  2. planoman's Avatar
    WOW! That is impressive! I was happy with my 6 hours of SOT. The battery in the S7 Active is a beast!
    07-14-2016 10:29 PM
  3. Slade8525's Avatar
    Hey, hows yours working out for you? With 6 hours screen on time, what was your overall battery life in hours? I'm just getting started; learning tasker, and paying attention to logs of my own usage. If you like i can post my app disabler pro and greenify specs; i was pretty distracted most the time and used the compass, flashlight, browser, and camera quite a bit. i dont mind a tad of lag for shutting down an app once 'minimized' or the screen is off if it yields me another (calculated) 1 hour of screen-on time or 3-4 hours of standby mode.

    an easy bypass to the compass/map feature not working is simply turning compass mode to camera, and stick a REAL map under it, assuming your compass is properly calibrated (i kept a real compass on hand just in case and to test its accuracy; pretty much dead on).
    07-14-2016 10:42 PM

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