01-15-2019 10:36 AM
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  1. rongotti's Avatar
    Gotta rep the whip!
    05-15-2017 07:15 PM
  2. teristark's Avatar
    Does anyone use animated home screens. I havent tried because of a battery hog concern with it being live/animated
    I've used them (well, only one that I LOVE) on my previous galaxies and didn't notice a battery issue. I haven't tried it yet on the s8. I think I'll go change it now and I'll report back to you after a couple days.
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    05-15-2017 07:21 PM
  3. jjinal's Avatar
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    05-15-2017 08:46 PM
  4. Morty2264's Avatar
    Love your weather app and your icons!
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    05-15-2017 08:58 PM
  5. amyf27's Avatar
    My bike
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    05-15-2017 09:27 PM
  6. uncreativeartist's Avatar
    Attachment 260048

    Inmersive mode on, no navbar or status bar
    That whole thing up top with all the navbar stuff and weather is amazing. What is it? But my luck it's some pay for thing I can't afford, lol. Do notifications come up in it?
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    05-16-2017 08:31 AM
  7. blaine07's Avatar
    05-16-2017 10:46 AM
  8. jjinal's Avatar
    Thanks. The icons are Krom and have been around forever. They've been in my top 3 for years because they mask every icon better than any pack I've ever tried.
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    05-16-2017 12:35 PM
  9. strikeIII's Avatar
    Been diggin the stock launcher lately.
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    05-16-2017 04:06 PM
  10. EMGSM's Avatar
    I learned my lesson and now have everything in that ' secured folder ' sshhhhhhh
    All it takes is one time.
    05-16-2017 05:51 PM
  11. jjinal's Avatar
    Aviate Launcher

    05-16-2017 05:55 PM
  12. krabkakes95's Avatar
    Nothing fancy
    05-16-2017 06:00 PM
  13. gottria's Avatar
    Keeping it simple here.

    Launcher: Nova
    Icon: System
    Wallpaper: Backdrops app
    Weather widget: Today weather


    Do you manually create the folders or is there an app that automatically does it?
    05-16-2017 08:39 PM
  14. KnicksALLday's Avatar
    nothing too crazy... kept the sense widget cuz i loved it on my old htc phone... and im using nova launcher and changed the icons thats it
    Post homescreen screenshots taken on your Samsung S8 / S8+-screenshot_20170513-222931.jpg
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    05-16-2017 09:48 PM
  15. Frozen Corpse's Avatar
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    05-17-2017 06:23 AM
  16. sweetypie31's Avatar
    That on Nova?

    What folder icons you using? I like those.
    The background I got off of Zedge. The icons are called black theme. The folder set up is nova. Folder preview is fan and the dock is platform.
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    05-17-2017 10:28 AM
  17. Madscotsman's Avatar
    Feeling a dark setup for today
    Post homescreen screenshots taken on your Samsung S8 / S8+-screenshot_20170517-145511.jpg
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    05-17-2017 03:57 PM
  18. gendo667's Avatar
    Feeling a dark setup for today
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20170517-145511.jpg 
Views:	43 
Size:	224.6 KB 
ID:	260327
    Loving this. Where's the wallpaper from?
    05-17-2017 04:23 PM
  19. Madscotsman's Avatar
    Loving this. Where's the wallpaper from?
    Found it on one of the Google+ wallpaper communities that I follow, here it is if you would like to have it.
    Post homescreen screenshots taken on your Samsung S8 / S8+-gplus1425794367.jpg
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    05-17-2017 04:27 PM
  20. blemoon42's Avatar
    Theme orchid violet
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    05-17-2017 06:17 PM
  21. amyf27's Avatar
    Lol on the weather app what is that one
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    05-17-2017 08:25 PM
  22. thurask's Avatar
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    05-18-2017 12:53 AM
  23. doohsun's Avatar
    Post homescreen screenshots taken on your Samsung S8 / S8+-screenshot_20170518-080638.jpg

    Here's mine with Nova launcher
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    05-18-2017 08:26 AM
  24. blemoon42's Avatar
    Lol on the weather app what is that one
    First weather widget hd widgets
    Second weather widget is beweather icon is called happy days and the third weather widget is beautiful widgets and those icons are called emotisun.
    Those are a must have for me on my home screen because they make me smile lol
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    05-18-2017 12:30 PM
  25. blemoon42's Avatar
    Feeling a little on the purple side today 😊
    05-18-2017 12:38 PM
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