1. Praetorian27's Avatar
    I tried to register the phone in the app and it says Registration Error. When I click on my products, it shows all of my stuff, but doesn't show the S8+. I registered the phone on the website when I tried to get the Gear VR...still waiting if I'm going to get screwed on that or not. Anyone else not have their phone show up in the app?
    04-23-2017 12:56 PM
  2. pinkivy98's Avatar
    No, my S8+ is not showing up yet. Some of my other phones & watches are showing up & I never registered all of them. With the promotion I signed up for I assume the s8+ will eventually show up.
    04-23-2017 01:22 PM
  3. Ageeb's Avatar
    I noticed that too, but if you look via a web login instead of app, all my devices were there.
    04-23-2017 10:49 PM

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