1. anon(10276766)'s Avatar
    So i have an unlocked Galaxy s8+ on cricket
    When I try to go to the mobile networks, i click on it, then it takes me to the window but I can't do anything else. It is gray. It does not let me click on it. I travel to mexico a lot and i cannot get the options to find networks or select manually. i already replaced this phone for the same one and it still does not let me. It seems like having an unlocked phone gives me more restricitions that just a regular phone. any help out there?
    07-14-2017 03:11 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Interesting, mine is greyed out as well..Cricket w/ unlocked S8 plus. Try data roaming ON and see if it automatically chooses a network for you.
    07-14-2017 04:27 PM
  3. anon(10276766)'s Avatar
    its sad because also my bars are so low. this is weird check it out. i had an s7 from tmobile unlocked, if i insert my sim card to that one, i get full bars, but on my s8+ i get one bar! like I said, i already replaced it, thinking it was an antenna issue, but no... the problem persists... Im not sure what to do... wondering if I had an att phone, if the problem would persist? but as of now, im super upset at the missed calls cuz of the lack of bars.

    aside from all this, i thought having an unbranded unlocked phone gave you more freedom.. but not being able to select networks makes me feel restricted.
    07-15-2017 12:57 AM

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