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    I know there have been other threads about this but honestly not a lot of them went anywhere or had any solid conclusions. Also especially regarding the restarting issue, most articles or help threads I found were from back in April and May when the phone first came out and there hasn't been any current updates since.

    I got my Sprint S8+ first week of May and everything had been great. The phone restarted about three times in total due to heavy Play Store downloading, game DLC downloading and multiple apps open, or so I believe, and I was okay with that. Everything was otherwise perfect.

    After the "full" release of Bixby, I had to factory reset in order to get Google Assistant and Bixby Voice to play well together. I made a thread on it btw. Afterwards, again everything perfect.

    Now, I believe with the most recent update, I started to notice the so sudden immediate decline of overall performance including multiple daily restarts/freezings. Such a dramatic change. My battery started dying out by noon to afternoon. The phone was lagging more often. And if the phone didn't smoothly restart, it would bug out displaying only a half frozen "Sam-" with the blue indicator solid for several minutes, sometimes not even powering down, or if it did, not able to power back up for several moments. And I began to try to trouble shoot.

    I cleared cache from recovery startup. I deleted all my media pics vid etc. I removed the SD card. I went back to stock launcher from Nova. I went back to a lot of stock apps ie messaging, clock etc. I deleted several games.

    I began to feel the problem was that I was nearing my storage capacity as my phone would alert on an HOURLY basis that I only had 10G left to spare.

    After deleting everything mentioned I still only had 13G left somehow, but at least the alerts were gone and I thought I had resolved the issue.

    But it didn't. So long story slighly shorter, I did another factory reset. I kept it stock for a couple days.

    Guess what I'm doing right now at 6AM out of pure frustration for what reasons?

    Yup. Even though the factory reset gave me back 51G of storage, all stock apps including launcher etc, my phone has decided to restart again. Actually it has happened about three times tonight (I've stayed up late).

    I will say though that the battery performance definitely came back for initial two days before now, but the phone still restarts. I will also say that I DID just try downloading about 8 Play Store apps at the same time with a few apps open, but that shouldn't be the trigger to restarting at all...

    So here I am waiting on ANOTHER factory reset, this clearing cache first and initiated from the recovery boot menu rather than the settings General Maintenance menu. I've also decided to restore from date 7/11 to see if that will make a difference.

    Did the last update cause this? Any idea other than the "go back to store" answer given to early owners who actually had the opportunity to do so? I can't just ask for a replacement now, it's too old. And even though I have the insurance through Sprint, it's still a 200$ deductible for a refurbished device!

    This phone was a complete BEAST for 5 months. I had well over 300 apps, using Nova Prime, browser ALWAYS had about 10 tabs saved even when not in use, all performance settings to max, entertainment mode on etc, 64GB Evo+ card acquired from Samsung's Entertainment Kit promo, lighting fast in all social media and news and other media app, internet connection...everything...

    Then all of a sudden???

    Sorry guys, I'm in a bad mood.
    09-23-2017 08:11 AM
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    I'm on my third phone from Verizon. Original one was freezing almost daily. Kept having to reboot. Verizon sent me another phone and I think that one was a bad apple. That was doing the same thing. Now...this phone just froze this morning. Going to call tomorrow and let them know. Maybe Samsung needs to put an update out there that can possibly fix this otherwise, I'm headed over to the dark side...APPLE. I don't want to but I might be forced to. Stay tuned.
    09-24-2017 08:42 PM
  3. Targatheory's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. I bet a lot of people are ignoring this because its "been beaten to death".

    However, I've yet to come encounter cases of people who had PERFECT phones since launch, go from that to a POS in the span of a few weeks.

    My thoughts is all on the August 30 OTA security patch.

    Also, I'm currently on my third Factory Reset since last week.
    And yes, the phone crippled me today while I was craigslisting/google mapping/texting meetups today with multiple people to view their items for sale. So, real world scenarios are definitely being affected. Plus, the battery dying from 11Am to about 3-4PM didn't help either.

    What I'm now mostly worried about is the warranty issue.
    I have Sprint USA and their 11$ total protection plan. They won't give me a replacement without going through Asurion, paying the 200$ deductible, and all for a "refurbished phone"

    I know Samsung itself has a 1 year warranty, but is it at no cost? Any can help?
    09-25-2017 01:46 AM

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