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    I have 4 CCAs on my wifi. Before the update to Oero, my S8 (and all over Android devices) were able to view and cast to all CCAs on the wifi without issue. Right after the S8 was updated to Oreo, it has issues showing all CCAs in the devices list, while other Android devices find the CCAs just fine. The issue seems directly related to the S8's Oreo update itself.

    Sometimes reconnecting the S8 to the wifi works, sometimes after several minutes it will find the CCAs. Sometimes it will only show a couple of the CCAs. Also, sometimes if I cast from another device, the list of CCAs will suddenly show up on the Home app on my S8.

    I'm using a ASUS router, and both my S8 and CCAs are on the same 5ghz SSID.

    So far I have tried:

    • Factory reset of the S8
    • Factory reset of CCAs
    • Rebooting the router

    I'm not sure what is going on here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    03-30-2018 09:38 AM

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