1. Josephine Lozada's Avatar
    my NON-ROOTED cell was stuck on the Samsung Galaxy S2 black/white message...I took out the battery to "rest" it, but it didn't work.

    What I've done or tried to do so far:
    1-recovery, i did wipes. Now I CANNOT enter recovery mode, it just shows the little Android guy for a really long time. Then it'll show the black screen with samsung galaxy s2 white words
    2-Someone suggested I try Odin...so I downloaded samsung drivers then I downloaded odin from Rwilco12's website. I downloaded it from stock roms, ics, fh23, no data restore, unrooted. Did the steps to install Odin, but it said FAIL...
    3-So someone on another site suggested rwilco12's website to download agat63's GB27 kernel and villuminati ...I went there. but there's 4 different things to download...I didnt know which to download and didn't know what Villuminati. And where to download it. Know one there helped me with that...
    4-Someone else said for me to flash one-click GB27 by a user named garwynn. BUT idk where or what to download. They gave me no links -_-

    Haven't had my cell for a month! Please help and PLEASE provide specific steps/info. Thank you!!!
    08-04-2014 03:34 PM

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