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    The only full screen smartphone I've ever used has been an iPhone. I was disappointed with the iPhone 5, wanting a bigger screen not just a taller screen (stupid). So when I saw a refurb galaxy for $50 I jumped on it. So I'm now getting used to the android system.
    The first thing I'm noticing is how FAST the battery drains. Granted, I've been using it a lot trying to set it up but even then it drains so much faster than my iPhone when I actively use it. I fully charged it today and watched it drain 3% in 10 mins. That never would have happened with my iPhone. So, is this normal? Or did I get a bad refurb?

    So, here are some questions in no particular order:

    1. Is there any way to get rid of the picture of a battery in my status bar? I like having the percentage but don't want the graphic.

    2. I'm definitely missing the ability to tap on the status bar to get me to the top of the page in any app. I've seen the double tap motion thingy, but it only works in certain system apps. I seem to mostly need it in my FB app. Any other easy way to get back to the top of a page?

    3. I have gmail and easily set up multiple accts on my phone. Problem is, now there's two mail apps and they're both sending me notifications when I get new mail. Is there any way to disable the system mail app and just use the gmail app? I tried doing this in app mgr but it wouldn't let me disable it. I don't need both apps checking for my mail.

    4. How do I change how things get paid for in the app store? When I first set things up I put in a credit card but didn't notice until too late that it had the wrong name on the acct. I need to change that but can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get to it!

    5. On my iPhone I had an app that would tell me how much battery I had left for different functions. Like how much time I could talk on the phone, surf the net, mess with apps, etc. I've looked in the app store but can't find anything with that breakdown. Any suggestions?

    6. How can I pare down some of the stuff I'm getting in my notifications center? For example, right now there's some weather thing in there I'd rather not have taking up room. And some apps I've installed have a line in there that tells me they're running. So what? I don't care! I don't want to see it! I've got a screen full of stuff that's always there so I have to scroll down to see my actual notifs.

    7. Right now I've got my screen brightness turned all the way up because when I go into the browser it seems to dim. I know this because there are times when it pops back to full brightness for a second. What's going on here? I'm not noticing the dimness in other apps.

    Ok, I think that's all for right now. I'll post more as I think of them. Thx.
    11-09-2012 08:38 PM
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    Background apps running might be draining the battery.

    1. No, at least not on stock ROM.
    2. Not sure, scrolling on Android is fast anyways though.
    3. There should be settings in the app that will allow you to disable the notifications.
    4. Go to Google Wallet on your computer and change it from there.
    5. I don't know, never heard of it.
    6. Most of the notification settings are within the app themselves. You can't really group apps from what I know.
    7. Go to settings, power savings, turn it on, uncheck everything and it should disable the dim browser or at least that's how I fixed mine.
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    11-10-2012 12:32 AM
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    2). As someone who came from an iPhone, I miss that too. I got over it, but it was a nice feature.
    3). Open the email program, and delete/disable any accounts you enabled in here. If you have then setup in gmail, you don't need them here. Also check system settings->accounts & sync. It may be enabled in here as well.
    4). Do this through a web browser. Change it in your google account settings.
    5). Try GSam Battery Monitor. It won't do exactly what you are looking for, but will show you average drain, expected talk time, etc... It also has a good breakdown of what apps are consuming your battery.
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    11-11-2012 07:15 AM
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    I am also coming from the IPhone. Thanks in advance for your quick responses.

    1. Wifi - I am trying to connect to my corporate wireless - I understand that if I make the WAP visible and enter the credentials I will be able to access it with no problems. Why is it that if the WAP is hidden, I cannot connect. With the IPhone, if i enter the SSID and entered my credentials it would connect with no problem? This is HUGE for me!

    2. External Storage - I really want to free up the space on my internal SD to my ExSD. As i see it Samsung and Android will not get along to allow this to happen without rooting or having some special programming app. I have many videos, pics, music etc., Im doing more research but I think I can simply copy all of my media onto my exsd and the phone will detect it?!?!?!? If i do that, I also have a few files that I dont need to be readily available in my gallery. (kids dont need to see) I have looked at a few hide media apps. They will allow you to hide them but because the app lives on the internal sd, unfortunately that is where it stores it - defeating the purpose. Any suggestions. ( if you say Directory Bind ) Please shoot me to a link that will give "child-like" instructions.
    3. I want to see all system file directly from my pc. IPhone had IPhone browser and Winscp. Is there such an external application that will allow me to do that.

    Other than that I love this phone. I had a 32gb IPhone 3gs - I refused to upgrade to any of the other models because I was always able to get my phone to do everything (via Jailbreaking) that the new ones could do; minus HD and front camera. Out of the box - the GS3 seems to have all of what I want in my phone. Please help me give it 5 stars!!


    By the way - I have S3 4.0.4 - Ice Cream - Rooted ( I think )
    11-11-2012 08:01 AM
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    3)You need to set your app to disable noyification
    4)change your google account settings
    5)Dont no not tried
    6)Dont know not tried
    7)Turn on your power saving through setting,Uncheck everything dimmness will disappear.
    11-30-2012 01:12 AM
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    As far as battery life goes I'm a heavy user so the battery drains in half a day for me.
    Some pointers though: I turned my screen to half brightness. In power saver mode I have cpu saver mode on and have haptic feedback turned off.

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    12-01-2012 05:23 PM

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