1. sifriheavy's Avatar
    I once read this guy posting on AC about getting an AT&T phone for a cheaper price, he stated the following:

    1) buy the phone on contract for X years (normally 2 years,right?)

    2) pay the early termination fee

    3) enter CellPhoneUnlock - Unlock Blackberry, Unlock Samsung, Unlock Nokia, Unlock Motorola, Unlock Sony Ericsson and many more! and then select Carrier AT&T and Model Infuse I997 then write your IMEI.

    or something like that for the third step (if you want it unlocked), by doing this, he stated, he could buy a phone without having to pay the no-contract price.

    Could someone help me and see if this is correct? I dont live in the US but I really want to jump into an INFUSE and fully enter the android world, this info could really help me trying to achieve that.


    Cesar Ferrer
    07-06-2011 10:28 AM
  2. 3.juan4's Avatar
    With the new contracts of AT&T the early termination fee is $350 ( it goes down by $10 a month I think.) Adding the $350 fee with any cost to the phone. I'll just say $100. You pay $450 which is cheaper to a full retail price. You might get a activation fee though for $26, along that some small prorated amount for when you did have service. Even for a day. So you may still pay the retail price or just a bit lower.

    Hope this helped.
    07-07-2011 08:46 AM