2 google on hubs vs google on hub and google wifi


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May 14, 2011
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I live in a 4 story townhouse. My on hub pretty much covers the whole house but i was thinking of adding a second one on the third floor and creating a mesh with that. Would that be better or worse than using the on hub with google wifi. I have both and will return one.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Since you have the equipment for both, read Wired Bridge with two WAPs using the same SSID to see how to run two routers on the same connection properly. It's a step-by-step hand-holding "manual". (But be aware - routers [hubs - same thing] are designed to transmit and receive horizontally - going 4 floors may require 4 routers arranged so that they're not sitting one on top of the other. [The path loss for two devices with horizontal antennas sitting one above the other, about 8 feet apart, can be enormous. That's why you'll see towers with 2 two-way radio antennas one above the other. Just the placement keeps a lot of the transmitted signal out of the receiving antenna.])