95% restored Optimus C


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Jul 29, 2012
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New here and not professionally educated in the ways of "phone"...I just like playing with stuff.

Here is the story: Being a typical tinkerer, I can never leave a gadget alone. Tim Taylor syndrome. Rooted my LG LW690 to free up some space. Yes, deleted the home screen, and apparently another important file yet unknown to me.
Via gmail, I restored an LG home screen, (not the one the phone came with), and added Gingerbread.

The important file needed seems to control my download ability. Market forces close, (any version installed), cannot download picture links via Chrome to phone, (browser forces close), and downloading any files other than music gets the same result. Weird....
The ONLY way to install anything, is to download it to my PC and mail it to my phone. That seems to work good for most apk files. If any more info is needed, just ask me.

Added note: the only way I could wake up the phone from "black screen" in the first place, was to have someone call me, (woke up the phone icon), text me, (woke up the message icon), and send me a gmail.......then I found the G home apk and installed.

I'm thinking some kind of permission issue? Other than the download problem, phone is a lot faster than when I first bought it.