A part of my screen is not working when I use my s pen why?

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My screen spat out some kind of glue and I think it keeps the screen on and sometime later the screen would fall off. After that there is a part of my screen that is not working when I write with s pen...why is that? And no i do not have magnets in my case


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Jan 11, 2014
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The S Pen interacts with a different layer or digitizer in the screen than your finger does. Considering glue was coming out I'd say it's probably a damaged screen causing it.


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Dec 6, 2011
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You say that your screen "spat out some glue", do you mean that it came from the seam where the two are connected to one another at the frame?

Then you go on to say that the screen fell off, did you ever have this repaired or is your screen still loosely connected to the phone?

What device do you have?

While the digitizer is a rugged piece of tech they are not indestructible and since it is only one portion of the screen that is being affected I wouldn't be surprised if something hadn't been damaged but it could be possible that something just came loose. If the screen still falls off, try carefully opening the device and checking that everything between the screen and the board inside is connected well and nothing is partially plugged in.

Without a good seal around the screen there is also a possibility that moisture has gotten in and could be causing issues.

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