A way to see screenshots again?


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Aug 12, 2013
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Hi Android HTC One SV users

Has this happened to you? If so how did you get back your screenshots?

I cut screenshots from my HTC One SV today using a USB linked to my Windows laptop

Whilst pasting to my desktop, I noticed the screenshot images were not the images as on my mobile but of a flower (refer to attached pic) but continued cutting and pasting

When I attempted to view them on my desktop I got this message 'Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture because the file is empty'

Even trying to open with other programs, I get a similar message

I could kick myself for not copying and pasting! I'm sure they would still be there :'(

I've learnt my lesson that cutting and pasting is not the way

Next, I thought if I cut and paste them back to my mobile they would be on mobile phone again. Sadly no. Instead I'm only getting warning images where the screenshot images use to be :( (refer to attached pic)

My question is, is it possible that the screenshots are still in the phone somewhere and so could be retrieved somehow? (Preferably a free method)

Any suggestion appreciated!


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